Bridal veil with delicate floral lace trim
Chelsea veil
from 437.00
Dip-dyed ombre chapel length bridal veil.
Constance veil
Veil with dramatic crinoline ribbon
Phoebe veil
from 400.00
Stunning bridal veil with piles of hand placed pieces of floral lace
Annie veil
from 1,368.00
Bridal veil with delicate silk ribbon trim
Nicole veil
from 265.00
Long crinoline ribbon veil, Sara Gabriel, bridal veils, horsehair veil
Hayley veil
from 400.00
Simple bridal veil perfect for the blushing bride effect.
Stephanie veil
from 205.00
Sophie Hallette solid lace bridal fingertip veil
Cullen veil
Classic lace bridal veil with delicate pencil trim
Lillian veil
from 517.00
Delicate simple pencil edge trim bridal veil
Erica veil
from 235.00
 English netting tulle cowl shaped veil
Brooke veil
from 150.00
Lace edge veil from Sara Gabriel, vintage inspired veil, bridal accessories
Plume veil
from 517.00
Exquisite chapel length bridal veil with American made lace.
Harmony veil
French lace applique veil, Sara Gabriel, bridal accessories
Maisie veil
from 410.00
This lovely lace veil features Chantilly lace that is hand-cut and arranged into a gentle build-up just along the back bottom edge.
Mackenzie veil
from 327.00
Long crinoline ribbon veil, Sara Gabriel, bridal accessories, horsehair veil
Julianne veil
from 400.00
A delicate crinoline ribbon is invisibly stitched to the edge of this romantic and easy-to-wear fingertip length veil.
Stella veil
from 265.00
Hand-embriodered fingertip bridal veil with glass beads for subtle shimmer
Phoenix veil
Ultra soft sheer bridal veil
Katie veil
from 150.00
Crystal and pearl trimmed bridal fingertip veil with ivy inspirations
Ivy veil
Delicately scalloped Alençon lace is stitched to the softly curving edge of this chapel length veil.
Rae veil
from 400.00
Simply and sweet silk ribbon edge fingertip length veil
Jessica veil
from 265.00
Swarovski crystal and pearl trimmed bridal veil
Dia veil
English net tulle veil with Swarovski crystals
Paulette veil
This charming veil is cut to lay in a soft V shape in the back and features a delicate, impossibly tiny pencil trim stitched all the way around the edge.
Tia veil
from 235.00
Swarovski crystals and tiny perfect pearls are invisibly hand-stitched to float, glitter, and dance in a wide border all along the edge of this dazzling veil.
Adrianne veil
A dainty silk ribbon is stitched all along the edge of this elegant chapel length veil.
Chloe veil
from 400.00
Japanese cotton lace bridal cowl shaped wedding veil with leaf inspirations
Rachel veil
from 357.00
Classic romantic bridal veil with French lace
Eve veil
from 647.00
Swarovski crystal chapel length veil
Maxine veil
from 467.00
Fingertip length bridal veil with tiny pencil edge trim
Meghan veil
from 235.00
Fingertip length veil with scalloped French lace
Melanie veil
from 327.00
Swarovski crystal trim veil, Sara Gabriel, bridal veils and headpieces
Kayla veil
from 466.00
Hand embroidered bridal veil with Swarovski crystals and pearls
Aly veil
Sparkling Swarovski crystal veil perfect for the classic blusher reveal moment
Amber veil
from 467.00
This gorgeous veil softly encircles you with a crinoline ribbon and French lace
April veil
from 457.00
Chapel length veil with scalloped golden Chantilly lace
Attie veil
from 578.00
Soft silk ribbon trim romantic bridal veil
Breanna veil
from 400.00
Swarovski crystal and bead embroidered mantilla short bridal veil
Camille veil
Swarovski crystal and pearl scalloped fingertip length veil
Clara veil
from 682.00
Scalloped bridal veil with sweet soutache bows
Briar veil
from 265.00
A breathtaking instant heirloom veil with thousands of Swarovski crystals and intricate embroidery.
Moira veil
Genuine French lace bridal veil
Dahlia veil
from 437.00
Dreamy scalloped lace bridal veil with pencil trim
Daphne veil
from 443.00
Scalloped Swarovski crystal sequin bridal veil
Darcy veil
Souache trim bridal veil
Ella veil
from 350.00
Sweet and simple elbow length veil with tiny pencil trim
Ellen veil
from 195.00
Satin ribbon trimmed finger tip wedding veil
Elizabeth veil
from 265.00
Radiant, softly-metallic Chantilly lace is hand-cut into a gently scalloped pattern and stitched all the way around this classic cut veil.
Ellington veil
from 403.00
Vintaged inspired French lace bridal veil
Faith veil
from 357.00
Dreamy ballet tulle English netting fingertip wedding veil
Donna veil
from 265.00
Delicate Alençon lace appliques are hand-cut and placed along a simple soutache trim that is carefully stitched to the edge of this charming veil.
Farrah veil
from 293.00
Delicate Chantilly lace bridal veil with blusher
Heather veil
from 467.00
Delicate Alencon lace veil with Swarovski sequins
Indie veil
from 749.00
This picturesque veil features intricate Alençon lace that is hand-cut into gorgeous floral appliques and scattered with glittering Swarovski crystals.
Isobel veil
from 803.00
Fingertip length veil with a double trim of crinoline ribbon
Kat veil
from 387.00
Vintage inspired French lace veil with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals.
Kate veil
from 297.00
Ethereal Sophie Hallettte lace bridal veil with dainty golden thread detailing
Zyla veil
from 497.00
With a nod to the traditional, this classic veil is trimmed with gently scalloped, lovely Alençon lace.
Kristen veil
from 407.00
Simple soutache trim veil with sparkling Swarovski crystals and pearls.
Kya veil
from 387.00
Genuine vintage Lyon lace bridal veil
Nora veil
from 1,186.00
Hand cut scalloped Chantilly lace bridal veil
Melissa veil
from 387.00
Elegant lace godet wedding veil
Trinity veil
from 517.00
Chantilly and Alençon lace appliques are hand-cut and placed to gently float throughout both layers of this ethereal veil for a delicate and totally romantic tattoo-lace look.
Natalie veil
from 410.00
Double layer veil with a sheer cut edge and subtle sparkle.
Natasha veil
from 305.00
A gorgeous, deeply scalloped French lace veil with satin ribbon trim
Rebecca veil
from 889.00
Swarovski crystal trim veil, Sara Gabriel, bridal veils and headpieces
Tiffany veil
from 403.00
Elaborate Chantilly and Alençon lace bridal veil
Patrice veil
from 988.00
Floral applique lace bridal veil
Rochelle veil
from 515.00
English netting bridal veil with pearl edge
Gideon veil
Sweet and sophisticated veil with a soft silk ribbon trim
Rhylan veil
from 235.00
Dramatic veil with rolled wide ribbon edge made from silk organza
Victoria veil
from 287.00
Romantic old world inspired lace fingertip bridal veil
Sadie veil
from 235.00
Elegant veil with soutache ribbon and gently scalloped French lace
Rose veil
from 927.00
Simple lines and a sweep length make this veil almost melt into the back of your gown.
Lauren veil
from 150.00
This simple but exquisite veil features two fluttering layers of gently draping tulle that is adorned all around the edges with the tiniest silk ribbon trimming.
Samantha veil
from 599.00
You simply can't go wrong with this veil, adorned with almost 400 twinkling Swarovski crystal stars around the edge catching the light as you glide down the aisle.
Starla veil
from 569.00
Dazzling Swarovski crystal-set metal chain is invisibly stitched all along the edge of this classic-cut, fingertip length veil.
Wallace veil
from 466.00
Delicately embroidered bridal veil with vintage inspirations
Berlin veil
Thousands of shimmering Swarovski crystals, glittering glass beads, and tiny perfect pearls are hand-embroidered all along the edge of this whimsical veil.
Greta veil
Delicately embroidered bridal veil with vintage inspirations
Monaco veil
Soft silk fabrics and ribbons are meticulously cut into a gorgeous floral design and hand-stitched all over the bottom of this stunning statement-maker.
Poppy veil
Sara Gabriel Veils
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