Floral inspired clear and opal crystal earrings
Stephanie earrings
from 227.00
The perfect pair of wedding earrings from Sara Gabriel
Michelle earrings
from 157.00
Dainty crystal drop earrings from Sara Gabriel
Lindsay earrings
from 87.00
Luxurious Swarovski crystal and pearl encrusted bracelet
Matty bracelet
from 297.00
Luxurious Swarovski crystal and pearl encrusted earrings
Matty earrings
from 197.00
Vintage inspired crystal and pearl studs
Celeste earrings
from 157.00
Swoon worth crystal chandelier earrings
Hazel earrings
from 197.00
Sparkling mini drop crystal earrings
Mini Astyn earrings
from 49.00
Asymmetrical crystal cluster stud earrings
Josephine earrings
from 107.00
This bracelet packs a pop of sparkle with a mix of clear and opal Swarovski crystals
Mandi bracelet
from 197.00
Sweet floral inspired crystal studs
Mini Joy earrings
from 49.00
Vintage inspired earrings with crystals and pearls
Rose earrings
from 107.00
Sparkling double drop crystal earrings
Alex earrings
from 127.00
Dainty drop earrings with delicate mix of crystal and pearls
Mini Chelsea earrings
Classic three strand pearl bracelet with crystals
Ana bracelet
from 227.00
Sparkly studs with Swarovski crystals and pearls
Ana earrings
from 107.00
Dainty opal crystal mix bracelet inspired by budding florals
Mini Emily bracelet
from 67.00
Sparkling diamond inspired bracelet with Swarovski crystals
Lindsay bracelet
from 197.00
Circlet of sparkle crystal bracelet
Stevie bracelet
from 157.00
Ultra romantic floral inspired crystal bracelet with pearl accents
Stephanie bracelet
from 257.00
Crystal dome stud earrings
Abby earrings
Hand-set Swarovski crystals and pearls adorn delicate filigree metalwork on this romantic, feminine pendant.
Michelle necklace
from 127.00
Glittering Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet
Chris bracelet
Vintage inspired Swarovski crystal necklace
Abby necklace
Sparkling crystal teardrop pendant necklace
Alex necklace
from 157.00
Intricate chandelier earrings with clear and opal Swarovski crystals
Brittney earrings
from 197.00
Three sparkling crystal clusters sit delicately along the daintiest of chains on this sweet little mini bracelet.
Mini Mandi bracelet
from 67.00
Sweet and simple pearl and crystal drop earrings
Alisha earrings
from 87.00
Vintage inspired pearl necklace with crystal accents
Ana necklace
from 257.00
Vintage inspired necklace with multiple strands of sparkling Swarovski crystals
Angela necklace
Multi drop earrings with clear and opal crystals
Ashley earrings
Art deco crystal earrings from Sara Gabriel
Caitlin earrings
from 157.00
Intricately embroidered bracelet with glass beads and crystals
Camille bracelet
Art deco inspired crystal bracelet from Sara Gabriel
Caitlin bracelet
from 197.00
Vintage inspired crystal and pearl drop earrings
Chelsea earrings
from 127.00
Statement bracelet with opulent caviar style beading
Daphne bracelet
from 257.00
Vintage glamour bracelet with delicate filigree metalwork and crystals
Dylan bracelet
from 197.00
Glamorous vintage inspired crystal earrings
Dylan earrings
from 197.00
Dainty vintage inspired crystal pendant necklace
Dylan necklace
Whimsical bracelet with clear and opal crystals
Emily bracelet
from 157.00
Delicate French hook pearl cluster earrings
Emma earrings
from 107.00
Floral inspired crystal drop earrings
Gloria earrings
Swarovski crystal statement necklace with filigree metalwork
Hazel necklace
from 377.00
Sparkling drop earrings from Sara Gabriel
Astyn earrings
from 107.00
Teardrop opal crystal earrings from Sara Gabriel
Jasmine earrings
from 157.00
These gorgeous earrings are hand-set with clear and opal Swarovski crystals and tiny pearls as the perfect finishing touch.
Jennifer earrings
from 127.00
Whimsical statement necklace with clear and opal crystals
Jennifer necklace
from 377.00
Delicate opal crystal and pearl bracelet
Mini Stephanie bracelet
from 67.00
Swarovski crystal chain shoulder jewelry
Josephine necklace
from 377.00
Crystal and pearl studs from Sara Gabriel
Mini Celeste earrings
from 49.00
Opulent floral inspired crystal bracelet
Joy bracelet
from 257.00
Sparkling floral inspired stud earrings
Joy earrings
from 107.00
Filigree bracelet with hand set crystals
Hazel bracelet
from 257.00
Floral inspired Swarovski crystal pendant necklace
Joy necklace
from 127.00
Budding leaf shaped opal stud earrings
Mini Jennifer earrings
from 49.00
Art deco inspired Swarovski teardrop earrings
Lorraine earrings
from 197.00
Crystal statement earrings from Sara Gabriel
Lyra earrings
from 127.00
A mix of Swarovski crystals form a delicately exotic pair of mini teardrop earrings.
Mini Jasmine earrings
from 49.00
Clear and opal crystal shoulder jewelry from Sara Gabriel
Madeline necklace
from 447.00
Crystal encrusted bracelet
Marilyn bracelet
from 197.00
Glam on.
Marilyn earrings
from 197.00
Vintage inspired crystal and pearl bracelet
Maude bracelet
from 227.00
Crystal and pearl teardrop earrings
Maude earrings
from 127.00
Nature inspired crystal and pearl statement bracelet
Meyer bracelet
from 227.00
Opal crystal leaf stud earrings
Meyer earrings
from 197.00
Opal crystal statement necklace with leaf inspirations
Meyer necklace
from 377.00
These swoon-worthy, two-tiered drops feature shimmering Swarovski crystals hand-set onto delicate filigree metalwork.
Mini Hazel earrings
Classic crystal drop earrings from Sara Gabriel
Daphne earrings
from 127.00
Crystal and pearl shoulder jewelry statement necklace
Michelle necklace
Romantic crystal and pearl stud earrings
Mini Ana earrings
from 49.00
Single pearl stud earrings with Swarovski crystals
Paula earrings
from 107.00
Freshwater pearl and crystal bracelet
Rachael bracelet
Darling crystal earrings
Mini Lorraine earrings
from 49.00
Dainty pearl and crystal bracelet
Rose bracelet
from 197.00
Pearl stud earrings with dainty crystals
Mini Paula earrings
from 49.00
Delicate pearl and crystal necklace from Sara Gabriel
Rose necklace
from 107.00
Red carpet ready
Mini Marilyn earrings
from 49.00
Sara Gabriel bridal accessories
Tesla bracelet
from 377.00
Crystal drop chandelier earrings
Tesla earrings
from 197.00
Emerald cut crystal stud earrings
Mini Dylan earrings
from 49.00
Sweet and simple pearl and crystal drop earrings
Mini Alisha earrings
from 52.00
Clear and opal crystal earrings
Mini Meyer earrings
from 49.00
Sweet pearl drop earrings
Mini Emma earrings
from 49.00
Dainty crystal bracelet with floral inspirations
Mini Hazel bracelet
from 67.00
Sparkling and sweet!
Mini Joy bracelet
from 67.00
Not all fabrics are created equal. This swatch sample helps you find the perfect fabric and color for your bridal style!
Swatch Card