Everything you want to know...

Q: When will my order ship?
A: You will receive an email with a UPS tracking number about 5-10 business days after you place your order. This email means my team has finished making and packaging your order and UPS is on it's way to my studio to pick up your package. 

Q: What if my wedding is REALLY soon or I want my order shipped ASAP? 
A: No problem! Just CONTACT my team before ordering and they will be more than happy to help you.  My gals will do everything they possibly can to accommodate your request, and they won't even charge you a rush fee! Aren't they the best?!  

Q: Why do you require a signature for delivery? 
A: Collecting a signature ensures that your package will be put safely in the hands of someone you know, and we won't have to worry about anything going missing along the way. You can have it shipped anywhere you would like...whether that is your home, your work, or your mom's house! Just let us know when you check out!

Q: Do you ship internationally? 
A: Yes! We ship to the following countries: Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Spain. Visit our SHIPPING page for more details!

Q:   Why don't you allow returns or cancellations?  
A: The moment you place your order. a flurry of activity starts at my studio: My production manager orders the materials we need. My makers start cutting tulle and setting stones. My customer service team arranges for UPS to pick up and deliver your package.  My entire team puts so much love into creating, packaging and shipping your selections that it simply isn't feasible for anything to come back. If you prefer to see things in person before you buy, and I wouldn't blame you one bit, please consider shopping at one of the many BOUTIQUES that carry my collection instead of shopping on my website. They will be more than happy to set you up with a one-on-one styling appointment and take care of the ordering details for you. (Not to mention, accessory appointments are crazy fun!)

Q: How soon before my wedding should I order my accessories? 
A: As soon as you've purchased your gown, you've got free reign to start shopping for your accessories. Some brides accessorize right away, others like to wait a while, but at a minimum, you'll want to have them in time for your dress fittings and your hair trial. You'll want to see everything come together at those appointments.

Q: Can I customize the length, color or design of the pieces I want to order?  
A: Absolutely! I built my business creating bespoke designs for each bride and want you to have the same experience! Because customization requires a more hands-on approach than is possible online, it requires that you shop at one of the BOUTIQUES that carry my collection, or that you come to one of my TRUNK SHOWS. Just FIND A LOCATION convenient to you, give them a ring to set up your one-on-one accessory styling appointment, then customize away! The boutique will handle all of the details, including placing the order and coordinating with my production team. How cool is that?!

Q: What color should I order? 
A: Color matching from a computer screen is not a great idea, especially for something as important as your wedding day. I strongly encourage you to order a SWATCH CARD so you can match my colors to your gown. Generally speaking, my "Diamond White" color is a soft, natural off-white with no ivory undertones. My "Pale Ivory" color is a delicate, light ivory, not dark or "antique" at all. But again, please consider ordering a SWATCH.

Q: What color are your pieces pictured in?
A: All of the pieces on my site are pictured in Pale Ivory, unless otherwise noted. Ordering a SWATCH CARD will help you find the perfect color match to your wedding gown!

Q: What is the difference between Classic tulle and Signature tulle? 
A: The difference between the two fabrics is their "hand" (aka softness). My Classic tulle is made domestically, has a firmer hand and is widely used by veil designers. Conversely, I import my Signature tulle from Europe and it has an incredibly soft hand. The drape, flow, and feel of my Signature tulle is what you would expect from silk, but without the price tag. Both fabrics are lovely, but I don't call one of them my Signature fabric for nothing! I encourage you to order a SWATCH CARD so you can feel the difference and decide for yourself. 

Q: What kind of metal do you use?
A: My silver option is rhodium-plated metal, and both gold and rose gold options feature 10k gold-plated metal. All metal options offered resist tarnish and are completely free of nickel.